The Series 5000 In Line Analyser is a powerful near infrared spectrophotometer capable of measuring protein, moisture, fat, alcohol, sugars and other components in cereal grains, oil seeds, dairy products, small goods and processed meats, dough, beverages, pellets, granules, liquids and slurries. The instrument consists of a NIR Spectrometer, a Remote Sampling Device and a Remote Display Module. The NIR Spectrometer can be mounted up to 10 meters from the sampling point. The Remote Sampling Device is mounted on an auger, a pipe or a conveyor belt and is connected to the NIR Spectrometer using a Fibre Optic Cable. The Remote Sampling Device collects the NIR light transmitted through or reflected off the sample. The Fibre Optic Cable transmits the light back to the spectrometer where the component concentrations are calculated. The data is displayed on the Remote Display Module, which can be mounted at a convenient position for use by an operator. Alternatively the system can be operated from our software running on a PC and the data shown in real time in the form of trend charts. 4-20mAmp output signals are also available for supply to other process control equipment. Australian designed and manufactured.


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