The CropScan Automated Grain Testing System has been developed to automate grain testing by linking together the CropScan 3000B Whole Grain Analyser, the Sievematic II Test Weight and Screenings Analyser and CropNet Grain Data Management Software. CropScan 3000B Near Infrared Transmission Analyser is designed to measure protein, moisture, starch, fiber and oil in whole grains of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, triticale, soybean, corn, rice, peas, beans etc.

The system starts with the Sievematic II Test Weight and Screenings Analyser. A sample of 1 liter of grain is poured into the top hopper, where 500ml drops into cell connected to a load cell. A brush wipes off any excess grain which then drops through a side shute into the hopper of the CropScan 3000B Grain Analyser. The 500mm of grain is weighed and the Test Weight is calculated and displayed on the LCD screen. The grain drops into the sieving located on the Sievematic Grain Shaker which automatically starts shaking that sample 40 times. Meanwhile the CropScan 3000B begins analysing the excess grain in its hopper in order to measure the protein, oil, moisture etc. Once the grain shaker has stopped, the operator removes the sieve, pours the screenings into a pre tared cup and places the cup onto the built in scale on the Sievematic. The weight of the screenings is recorded and the Test Weight and Screenings Weight are sent to the CropScan 3000B to be combined with the protein, moisture and oil data along with variety, grade, storage location etc.

A second screen is connected to the CropScan 3000B where the CropNet Grain Data Management software runs in parallel to the Cr3000B operating software. A weighbridge monitor can be connected to the Cr3000B via a USB port and cable, so that load weights can be taken automatically. Alternatively, a Bar Code Reader and a Scale can be connected to the Cr3000B USB ports for recording bag weight and sample ID as used in field trial testing. The CropNet software posts the data to the internet where it can be viewed remotely using a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

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