The MultiScan series of Near Infrared analysers are designed to measure a wide range of components and sample types. The Series 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 operate in transmission mode, where as the Series 4000 NTNIR can operate in reflectance and transmission modes. The MultiScan analysers are suitable for measuring protein, moisture, oil, carbohydrates, alcohols, hydrocarbons, amines and amides, phenolics, and any other chemical compound that has C-H, N-H or O-H bonds. The applications for the MultiScan analysers include food, agriculture, animal feeds, textiles, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, plastics, chemicals and cosmetics.

MultiScan Product Range

MultiScan Series 1000 Fat and Moisture Analyser

MultiScan Series 2000 Near Infrared Transmission Analyser

MultiScan Series 3000 Food Analyser

MultiScan Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer

MultiScan Series 5000 In Line Analyser

NTAS (NIR Technology Australia Software)

Next Instruments

Next Instruments manufactures a range of innovative analytical and process instruments for the food, agriculture, human nutrition and medical research

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